Maxine Collins

Imagine not having to apply eye liner, lip liner or touch your eyebrows up every morning that stays put 24/7. No smudging or running down your face? Well, this needn’t be a chore anymore with permanent cosmetic makeup.

Permanent cosmetic makeup is the way forward. It saves time, frustration and delivers beautifully shaped eyebrows, with real looking hair strokes, eye liner that never needs reapplying and a permanently applied lip colour that enhances the shape of your lips and adds the WOW factor.

What is Permanent Makeup & how is it performed?

Permanent makeup is a form of tattooing that implants medical grade pigment colours into the dermis of the skin using state of art digital equipment. Prior to your procedure your permanent makeup enhance will be discussed in detail, pigment colours will be carefully chosen based on your skin tone, hair and eye colour, and the permanent eyebrow, permanent eyeliner or permanent lip enhancement will be drawn on to show you best shape for you. Once you are happy with the effect the permanent makeup procedure takes place and numbing creams are used to ensure you are comfortable throughout the procedure. At the final completion full aftercare will be given and you can go about your daily routine as normal with your fabulous new brows, lips and eyeliner.

Who can perform this procedure for me?

Our visiting Permanent Makeup expert, Maxine Collins, is a master in her field with nearly 20 years experience in the beauty industry. She has trained with the leading companies in Permanent Make up from Nouveau Contour to some of the Elite Masters from Russia. She is highly respected as one of the best permanent makeup artists in the UK in providing safe, stunning permanent makeup. Maxine likewise performs cosmetic medical tattooing for clients with nipple reconstruction, areola, alopecia, vitiligo and camouflage for burns and scars.

About Maxine Collins

Maxine is always updated with latest developments by constantly attending seminars and training. She is fully qualified, licensed, insured and approved specialist by the health authority.
Maxine is a true professional when it comes to customer care and meeting their needs. She will listen to her clients and use her broad knowledge and vast experience to give the best possible advice so that each client gets the best possible outcome suited to them. If any of her clients have any questions or need information Maxine is always happy to answer these queries by phone or consultation.

How do I book or ask more questions?

If you are looking for the best permanent makeup procedure then Maxine Collins is the practitioner for you. For more details you can call Topaz or visit our website or call T: 01923 246 147 and speak with our team.